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Imperial Klingon Guard

Welcome to the Online Home of the Imperial Klingon Guard

For Klingon Fans, some of the books our members recomment most include.......
The Final Reflection
by John M Ford
The Klingon Art of War
by Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Klingon Dictionary
by Marc Okrand
The Klingon Way - A Warriors Guide by Marc Okrand
Klingon for the Galactic Traveler  
by Marc Okrand

The Imperial Klingon Guard (IKG for short) is, at it's heart, a fan club. We celebrate the vision of the late Gene Roddenberry and the Universe he created. We draw attention to ourselves through the community work we do, and through the spirit of the KLINGON ATTITUDE. 

For more than 25 years we been active in the local, regional, and national community.

If you have any website questions or have discovered a link that doesn't work please let us know

    Up Coming Events

    Spring Geequinox April 23 and 24

    Thank You to everyone who found us at Geequinox, and said Hello! We hope to see you all again soon! 

    Walk So Kids Can Talk May 1

    We will be walking so kids can keep talking on May 1st. You can come cheer us on, or make a donation to support the Kids Help Phone. Our team is called "Klingon Warriors" While we are ready to roll in Halifax, you can take part in multiple cities across the country!

    Aub-Con 2016 May 28

    We are excited to be back for Aub-Con 2016! Look for our table, everything we sell will support the Kids Help Phone. Hope to see you at Auburn High in Cole Harbour, NS.

    Villains Ball 2016 August 20

    Villains Ball is our BIG night! We throw this party with money raised going to the Kids Help Phone. Brewsters Bar & Grill in Bedford, NS! Head to the bottom of the page to buy tickets online! 

    Hal-Con November 4 - 6

    Look for the Klingons roaming the halls of Hal-Con!  Hal-Con calls the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax NS home


    Contact Us!


    Club Chapters

    IKCV Praksis

    The Praksis has a storied history here in Nova Scotia. Re-launched in 2015 her crew has quickly grown to become the largest in the IKG.

    Contact Praksis

    IKV Lukara

    Lukara was launced in 2014. Lukara is a name steeped in Klingon Folklore. The IKV Lukara has already carved out a honoured history, and will continue to do so.

    Contact Lukara

    IKV K'ajii

    K'ajii is one of our longest running Chapters. K'ajii members are among our most dedicated and longest standing members.

    Contact K'ajii

    IKV Skwad'Wren

    Skwad'Wren was launched at Hal-Con 2015. Not even a chip on the paint job yet, but her crew is passionate, and always moving forward. Long Live #TheSkwad 

    Contact Skwad'Wren

    IKV Kroga

    Originally commissioned as the Shuttle Newh glah in May 2012 and became a IKV Newh glah in October of that year. It was recommissioned in November 2015 as the IKV Kroga. Our main charity has been the Big Brothers Big Sisters.


    IKV DIllIgaK

    Launched in 1998 as the IKV Hov HoHwi', she has served the Empire under the command of Da'Har Master qIvabyo' of the House Da'ghIl. Rechristened as the IKV DIllIgaK and the Command Vessle of the newly formed Vanguard. Her new Partol Route is guarding the Gates of Stovokor. 


    Imperial Intelligence

    We've already said too much....



    We are Growing! Check back for updates


    Imperial Klingon Guard New Members Guide

    Last Updated March 2016 


    So you want to be a Klingon – Kai!
    Now you’re probably wondering what exactly that entails. Well you’ve already taken the first step, and that was to join the Imperial Klingon Guard. Kai Kassai!
    So what’s next? Well here are a few things that you’ll need to do in order to “fit in”.
    1 - Pick your name.
    2 - Join a ship
    3 - Perhaps join a Klingon House
    4 - Develop your Klingon persona.
    5 - Create a uniform.
    6 - Get active!

    We encourage all members to print a copy of this guide. You can read it here. 

    Imperial Klingon Guard Presents
    Villains Ball 2016
    in support of Kids Help Phone

    August 20th at Brewsters in Bedford NS 


    All costumes welcome! 

    Tickets are now on sale!! $15.00 each

    You can pick up your tickets at....

    Custom Curves 135 Portland Street in Dartmouth

    The C100/101.3 The BOUNCE Studios 2900 Agricola Street during office hours.